We build privacy-by-design digital rights services focusing on royalty administration, transparency compliance and copyright intelligence. With this we can solve a huge gap in the audio-visual value chain (music, podcasts, games, VR, video). Our solution is the result of a close collaboration with music creators, industry partners and streaming platforms while solving their collective needs.

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These are our five governing pillars


The music industry suffers greatly from incomplete and inconsistent overviews. Therefore together we must address the entire flow from musical works, sound recordings to streaming data. Together with music industry partners we build solutions to solve this problem, while also integrating these in your current workflows.

Privacy by Design

Privacy by design aims at building privacy and data protection up front, into the design specifications and architecture of information and communication systems and technologies, in order to facilitate transparency compliance with privacy and data protection principles. We strongly support this and build our software accordingly.

Data Separation

The separation and balance between powers, known as the Trias Politica, has been the central principle of government for 2500 years, and is a necessary condition for trust within societies. We all demand more control over private data, also for copyright. We realize this by distributed ledger technologies built for enterprises.

Industry Standards

We embrace existing standards in software, music and compliance, e.g. RDx, DDEX, ISRC, ISWC, UPC, IPI, ISNI for music. In addition we support the Open Music Initiative's API and Mycelia's Creative Passport. With Microsoft we work on adhering to assurance standards like ISAE 3000 for non-financial information.

Digital Identity

We work closely with (digital) identity providers for people, processes and products to ensure KYC and AML-compliance. New technology & framework developments like W3C-DID, SSI, ESSIF and eiDAS we follow closely and implement when possible. We work with the Dutch Authority for Identity (RVIG) and align with their developments and European counterparts.

Portals & Pilots

Together with our music industry partners we build smart ecosystem solutions and portals.
We do this through joint software pilots. This approach allows us to closely align with their needs. Also aimed at benefiting the larger industry. Please check out the first two below.


The Sessions

March 2020

Streaming since the first coronavirus lockdown. By the end of 2020, 160+ concerts had already been streamed to 800.000+ viewers in 50+ countries. PR was mainly social and word-of-mouth.

Next steps

The venue of the future hosts live music performances combined with thrilling new digital (group) experiences worldwide. All with the aim to better connect fans with their (indie) bands, exploit
new music channels and empower the Effenaar to become a true innovation platform enabling third parties to create new
enhanced music experiences.

For this phase we built the Sessions portal, which we are
hosting on Azure EU since we're part of Microsoft for Startups.

Among the next steps are streaming into VR, games, podcasts,
as well as verified digital ticketing and automated rights administration. The latter two result in verified information and automated insights for recording artists, music authors, labels, publishers and collection societies.


The Effenaar is a 50-year legacy indie music venue in the Netherlands. Since 2017 they proactively are exploring its digital future around AR, VR, their in-house 4D hologram music video studio and automated administration for setlists and royalties .
As such they are combining its grassroots music innovation
legacy with the high-tech power of the Eindhoven Brainport
region, all aimed at shaping the “Music Venue of the Future”.

The coronavirus lockdown has rapidly accelerated the already changing future perspective of music venues. We believe that the impact of recent events will have a lasting impact on music venues and the music industry as a whole. This is why in the first week of the March lockdown we jointly build this portal step by step. Of course while keeping a safe social distance within the studio.

Pilot Partners


Exploring Smart Music

Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
October 2019

This pilot focused on connecting multiple stakeholders in the music industry. Together we started building a smart music ecosystem while exploring new models to empower music venues, music creators and copyright owners with innovative technologies like AR, VR and blockchain technologies.


The Effenaar desires to enable interactive smart concerts and generate more income for venue and musicians (during & after concerts, and eg become a paid Youtube-like for Bands). This due to less cultural public funding in performing arts, a sustainability demand for less travel by bands (and now also a global virus).


Since 2017 the Effenaar Smart Venue has been pro-actively exploring their digital future using AR/VR technologies and their in-house 4D-music video studio. During the Dutch Design Week 2019 we started building a first Smart Music Ecosystem while combining AR, VR and multiple blockchain technologies. We lead the development of the end-to-end pilot with our end goal to provide automated royalty administration and copyright intelligence to rights holders & owners within smart music ecosystems.

Pilot Partners


Digital Rights Exchange (DRX) presentation at CordaCon in October 2020

Please see our 9-minute high-level presentation about the data problem in the music industry, our approach
and the unique reference ecosystem that we're building to pilot our solution.

Please visit the CordaCon conference website for more info.
We were part of the Making Waves in Media-section: www.cordacon.com/agenda/

Founding Team

Our collective consists of a founding team, expert liaisons and trusted advisors. Combined we have a unique skill set with on average 20 years of experience in (enterprise) software development, data privacy, copyright law, music industry, interaction design, open source technologies, public-private partnerships, internet standards, political philosophy and innovation policies.

Our technological expertise focuses on digital platforms, data privacy, distributed computing, enterprise ledger technologies, data analytics and artificial intelligence.

We are part of the R3 Ventures Program, an amazing gateway into the open source Corda ecosystem and consortium of 300+ global banks, insurance companies, identity providers etc. R3 has received 100M+ USD in funding from Barclays, ING, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Intel Capital etc.

"R3 leads the largest enterprise blockchain ecosystem in the world, comprised of hundreds of firms building and deploying applications on Corda,  as well as institutions collectively exploring and embracing this technology to solve real-world problems."

Microsoft Seattle selected us for their Startups programme with a shared vision for us to become a B2B-plugin in their Azure data ecosystem. While doing so, today more than ever, privacy is of critical importance in the technology industry. Microsoft has an enduring commitment to protect data privacy built into Microsoft Azure from the ground up. Microsoft designed Azure with industry-leading security controls, compliance tools, and privacy policies to safeguard your data in the cloud, including the categories of personal data identified by the GDPR and comply with privacy standards such as ISO/IEC 27018, EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, EU Model Clauses.

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